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Sergeant Grafton: "So you did what he wanted?" Ms Amelia Bulower: "The photo's right there on the table: what do you need to ask that question for?" Sergeant Grafton: "I'm trying to get it all into context, Amelia, that's all. I need to understand not only what happened but how it happened and how you felt about things at the time. Like whether your feelings changed as things progressed. For example, you still seem only partially conscious at this time. Is that right?"

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Ms Amelia Bulower: "You can see my circumstances. My bra had been pulled down to show off my tits to the guys and my panties had been adjusted to show off my pussy. They'd got me down on my back in the middle of a forest, three quarters naked and with a huge cock in my mouth. I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know I was going to get fucked by that big cock I was pumping up. And it seemed like a nice day for it to happen, so yes, I felt sexy. Or is there something else you'd prefer me to say instead?" Sergeant Grafton: "No, I don't want to put words into your mouth -- if you'll pardon the phrase."

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